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AR & VR Enabled Personalized Manufacturing Training & Support

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Immersive VR and AR

Learn and innovate faster.

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Smart Apps for Any Device

Be more efficient and effective.

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Data Analytics and Intelligence

Make better decisions faster.

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Create your own AI-powered, immersive
simulations for workforce training

Trusted by clients in manufacturing, healthcare and higher-education.

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What is HyperSkill?


AR & VR Simulations

Simulations to support decision making, training, assessment and design.


Mobility that brings greater efficiency and effectiveness for any task or group.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Applying ML/AI techniques to support better and faster decisions.

Your Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Powered Training Partner

Our collaborative approach means that you are more than a customer. You are a partner. We work with you in each step of development and deployment to determine the ideal solution for your specific needs, your timeline and your budget. 
HyperSkill enables your project to be done by you, with you or for you. Our technical support team is ready to help you learn HyperSkill and complete your project on your own. If you have a time sensitive project, our team of 3D artists, engineers and learning designers are ready to work on your project and produce results within days. All projects involve the same 5 step process shown below:

How our Process Works



2D blueprints, 3D models in various formats, PDF or word docs, SOPs,TWI, manuals, images, videos, audio files etc. All of these assets get converted into reusable virtual objects ready for use in the training scenarios.



Instructional designers and subject matter experts author the scene, environment, objects, interactions, step by step instructions, dialogue with virtual humans, multiplayer rules and more using HyperSkill Studio for windows or Mac.



HyperSkill provides many options to test the simulations by yourself, with your team, with our team or even through crowd workers.



Select your audience, target devices and publish the content quickly and efficiently. Let Hyperskill take care of cross platform compatibility, SSO, accessibility, interoperability and various integrations.



Watch the data come in as your audience experiences the content. Measure and evaluate your data for engagement, recall, retention, transfer of targeted knowledge, skills and abilities.