California State University and CalIT2 at UC Irvine select SimInsights for AI-Powered Smart Connected Worker project

Mixed Reality work instructions with AI-powered monitoring to boost workforce training agility

Irvine, CA, June 19 2021 – California State University at Northridge (CSUN), CalIT2 at UC Irvine and SimInsights Inc. have started work on a joint project to conduct R&D on innovative mixed reality work instructions to boost workforce training agility at companies and universities in the US. Recent innovations in deep neural networks enable the development of computer vision techniques that can monitor workers’ actions and classify them as right or wrong in real time. HyperSkill is an immersive training software platform from SimInsights that combines these algorithms with step by step work instructions. HyperSkill enables customers to deploy smart work instructions on a variety of devices such as Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap or iPad to train and guide workers and help them become more agile and productive.

Mixed reality and AI/ML technologies are challenging established notions of training including modality, cost, outcomes, ROI and agility. These new technologies are inviting organizations to creatively rethink their digital transformation initiatives. Together, CSUN, UCI and SimInsights are working to push the envelope of the design patterns available to organizations for reimagining workforce training in the age of the metaverse.