SimInsights invited to present at the South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo in November

SimInsights has been invited for a second time to present at the Expo for the second time. This conference is the most significant manufacturing event of the year in SC. The one hour presentation will be titled “Why train in XR?” and will help manufacturers decide how they can leverage immersive training methodologies and technologies to deliver ROI across the employee lifecycle. Here is a brief overview of the presentation. A representative from a large local manufacturing company will join Rajesh in delivering the presentation and describing a successful implementation.

Problem Skills gap is a major problem in manufacturing. Traditional approaches to skills gap include slides, videos, lectures and expert-led 1-1 sessions on the production line. These approaches often fail because they are either low effectiveness or low-efficiency (non-scalable). The result is a widening skills gap that hurts the economy and US competitiveness. This talk will describe the state of the art in immersive, AI-powered training and how it offers a promising solution to efficiency-effectiveness tradeoff. We will also present a case study on how immersive training delivered ROI and results at Shaw Floors Plant 8S in Columbia SC. 


We will provide an introduction to immersive, AI-powered training methodologies and technologies that every manufacturer should be aware of. You will lean

  • A framework to deciding when and how immersive training makes sense for your organization
  • What is the current state of the art in immersive training with respect to visual, auditory, tactile, motor and other modalities and interactions?
  • References to the key scientific and technological literature to ground the promise and potential of this emerging modality. 
  • In-depth presentation of a successful implementation of immersive training at a manufacturing plant in the state, highlighting the journey from concept to reality. 

We will conclude by projecting the possibilities for next-gen training over the decade, in the context of price-performance advantages of this new training modality.

Presenter’s Information: Rajesh Jha,

Presenter Biography: Rajesh Jha is the Founder/CEO of SimInsights Inc., a California corporation focused on applying AI/XR technologies to no-code authoring of immersive digital twins so that everyone can capture and share multimodal knowledge for training other use cases. SimInsights is currently helping customers in manufacturing, healthcare and higher-education benefit from AI/XR at significantly greater speed, lower cost and reduced risk. Prior to SimInsights, Rajesh worked at Altair in Michigan and California as Program Manager for 3D software for engineering simulation, visualization and optimization. He holds a BSME from IIT Varanasi, MSME from Ohio State and MBA from UCLA.

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