Purdue University selects SimInsights for real time 3D collaborative simulation based lean six-sigma training

Real time 3D collaborative simulations to boost lean workforce training 

Irvine, CA, August 9 2021 – Purdue University Manufacturing Extension Partnership has selected SimInsights Inc. to help develop an innovative way to train manufacturing workers on the principles of lean and six-sigma. Lean training has traditionally been conducted in-person through role-play simulations that involve multiple rounds of simulation interspersed by debrief sessions. This training is very effective and popular. However, it requires travel and personal contact which has been very challenging during the pandemic. 3D simulations, much like multiplayer games, are a promising way to train on complex performance tasks that require problem solving and higher order thinking skills. This is where the HyperSkill platform comes in. HyperSkill will enable the customer to capture the key aspects of the training in the digital simulation environment and thus make travel unnecessary.