HyperSkill at Augmented World Expo 2021 in Santa Clara, CA

Improving production quality using HyperSkill VR training

Irvine, CA, October 21, 2021 – SimInsights representatives will make a presentation at the Augmented World Expo AWE 2021 in Santa Clara, CA on the potential of VR training for reducing variability in production. The presentation, titled “Escaping the Inefficiencies of Procedure Training through VR” will be made jointly with Andrea Mower, Extended Reality Specialist at PwC. More details about the event are available here

Across industries, almost all production work is procedural in nature and a key objective of training is to reduce variability which is harmful for quality. Can VR training help reduce variability? What are the instructional design levers useful for optimizing procedure training? These are the types of questions that will be discussed in this presentation. To learn more, please contact us.