ArborXR & Siminsights Partner to Provide XR Technology Worldwide

The leading enterprise AR/VR device management and content distribution platform, ArborXR, and America’s leading provider of no-code XR/AI software, Siminsights Inc, announced a partnership today allowing companies to successfully implement and scale the use of extended reality (XR) technology with security and control. ArborXR will power Siminsights’s device management capabilities as it provides HyperSkill software for businesses like Semikron and UCLA Health and universities such as UCLA, Texas A&M and Michigan Tech.

“ArborXR and Siminsights share a mission to help companies adopt and implement XR with ease while offering exceptional customer service,” said ArborXR Co-Founder Will Stackable. “We are pleased to work with Siminsights to make it easy and more accessible for enterprises and educational institutions to experience the power of XR.”

ArborXR is mobile device management (MDM) software that allows Siminsights to manage devices, enrol and provision headsets, deploy apps and files remotely, and lock down the user experience with kiosk mode and a multi-app launcher. The partnership will make XR technology usable in business and educational settings, benefiting customers worldwide.

SimInsights’ mission is to democratize the authoring, publishing and evaluation of 3D, interactive, immersive and intelligent (I^3) simulations. We believe that simulations are the brain’s “native” content modality, far more natural than text, vision and other modalities, yet leveraging it as a mass communication medium has not been possible due to technological limitations. With HyperSkill no-code software platform, SimInsights is striving to enable everyone to capture their knowledge in the form of 3D immersive, AI-powered simulations and share it with others.

“Siminsights is pleased to work with ArborXR to offer best-in-class XR solutions for a wide range of global customers,” said Nitin Solanki, Marketing Strategy Leader at Siminsights. “We have a long term partnership and share a common goal to help customers use XR devices with confidence.”

ArborXR and Siminsights’s partnership illustrates a global accelerated shift to remote work and training amid the pandemic. To learn more about ArborXR or Siminsights, visit or

About ArborXR

ArborXR is device management (MDM) software for VR and AR that is used by Fortune 500 companies, businesses, and hundreds of independent software vendors to seamlessly manage devices, enrol and provision headsets, deploy apps and files remotely, and lock down the user experience with kiosk mode and a custom launcher. ArborXR allows enterprise companies to manage thousands of devices with enterprise-level security and control. Learn more about ArborXR and its recent completion of a Series A at

About Siminsights
SimInsights is the leading provider of XR/AI cloud-based SaaS software and services to enable enterprise customers to transform their training and operations from traditional to immersive and from static to interactive and personalized (AI-powered). Learn more at

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