SimInsights Participates at the VRARA Education Forum 2022


Rajesh Jha, CEO SimInsights, recently participated at the VRARA Education panel discussion titled “How to Build Learning Scenarios in VR that Spark Engagement” where he shared his experiences regarding the design and delivery of immersive learning scenarios. The panelists consisted of the following speakers:


  • Christine Janssen, Founder & CEO, Edstutia
  • Ellen Flaherty, Senior Manager of Learning, Unity
  • Heidi Scott, Chief Learning Officer at
  • Rajesh Jha, CEO, SimInsights


Each panelist shared their own unique perspective based on their different backgrounds spanning human resources, technology and education/training. There was mutual discovery at the intersection of technology and teaching while sharing how others have crafted immersive experiences that create a sense of presence and ‘learning by doing’ for optimal outcomes.

With HyperSkill, we are enabling instructional designers, subject matter experts and educators/trainers to bring their brilliant concepts and ideas to VR/AR without having to learn coding or AI/ML techniques.

Here is an example showing the possibilities:


Some key highlights of HyperSkill that truly reflect our mission of democratizing immersive training and expanding access were shared:


– Author once, experience anywhere (Cross platform support for all VR/AR devices, including web and iPad)

– Nocode authoring for interactive and conversational AI-enabled simulations

– AI-powered virtual assistants that are embodied and possess spatial awareness to answer contextual questions as well

– Virtual assistants can follow author’s dialogue scripts and bring any story to life

– Soft and job skills training scenarios can be created and published

– Full analytics for scoring, assessment, credentialing and reporting (xAPI)

– Free version available to maximize access and support education


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