SimInsights will be exhibiting at the SHRM 2022 Annual Conference and Expo.

SimInsights exhibited at the SHRM 2022 Annual Conference and Expo

SimInsights exhibited in SHRM 2022 in New Orleans from June 12 to 15 with booth number 5535 in the SHRMLabs Workplace Innovation Zone, situated in Hall C among other member companies.

Instructional designers, subject matter experts, and educators/trainers can use HyperSkill to bring their amazing concepts and ideas to VR/AR without needing to master coding or AI/ML methodologies.

Here is an example showing the possibilities: :

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HyperSkill’s primary features include:

– Create once, play anywhere (cross-platform compatibility for all VR/AR platforms, including the web and iPad)

– Nocode authoring for AI-enabled simulations that are interactive and conversational

– Embodied AI-powered virtual assistants with spatial awareness that can also answer contextual queries

– Authors’ conversation scripts can be followed by virtual assistants, bringing any story to life.

Training scenarios for soft and job skills can be designed and shared.

– Comprehensive scoring, assessment, certification, and reporting analytics (xAPI)

– There is a free version available to increase accessibility and assist education.

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