SimInsights featured in NVIDIA article

Irvine, CA, September 8 2022 – SimInsights was one of the two startups that were featured in the NVIDIA blog article about the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in learning.

The article highlighted the use of Nvidia AI by SimInsights to develop a virtual clinic for training students at UCLA’s medical centre. The use of conversational AI helped UCLA by providing an interactive and realistic training to the students which enhanced the quality of the training module while increasing student engagement.

Being a  member of Nvidia Inception, SimInsights used Riva to develop a deep neural network for building speech AI applications. SimInsights has incorporated this into HyperSkill to make it more interactive and aims to develop larger conversational AI models with increased functionality to make digital learning more accessible and realistic.

About SimInsights

SimInsights’ mission is to democratize the creation of 3D, interactive, immersive and intelligent (I^3) simulations. We believe that simulations are the most impactful way to learn, yet few people can actually leverage them as a creative medium. SimInsights is striving to enable everyone to capture their knowledge in the form of 3D immersive, AI-powered simulations and share it with others.

About HyperSkill

HyperSkill is SimInsights’ patent-pending VR/AR/AI-powered, cloud based SaaS software product to enable enterprise customers to transform their training and operations from traditional to immersive (XR), and from static to interactive and personalized (AI-powered). Embracing VR/AR/AI as part of digital transformation delivers ROI, and boosts human engagement, reskilling and upskilling.To learn more, please contact us.