SimInsights representatives attended CES 2023

Irvine, CA, January 11 2023 – SimInsights representatives Rajesh Jha (CEO) and Christopher Johnson (Lead Application Engineer) attended CES in Las Vegas for HyperSkill partnership discussions. Over 250 companies participated in the AR/VR section of the event, which shows the tremendous interest in this category from both consumers and enterprises. 

The team found the following exhibitors to be notable and relevant:

John Deer showcased successful application of Nvidia Jetson on multiple agricultural machines for computer vision related applications. In the picture on the right, which zooms in on one of the booms, the gray box contains an Nvidia Jetson processor which recognizes various kinds of weeds and harmful plants.

John Deer shared with us their diversity supplier program, just as several other clients have recently announced. This is a positive action aimed toward promoting small businesses and leveling the playing field.

Microsoft showcased several successful applications of Hololens, Azure cloud and Microsoft Guides application in the field of manufacturing. One of the applications showed visitors how to replace brake pads on a self driving electric bus by ZF. This

application was created by Crane Morley of Irvine, CA. The figure on the right above shows Crane Morley representatives Thomas Pratt and Terry Banks, along with Filip Zachoval from Amazon Robotics.

The Blue Wireless booth showcased a successful internet of things (IOT) application by American Crane Company. This technology is both substantially lower priced and orders of magnitude faster to implement than existing solutions. 

In the digital health area, a couple of applications focused on applying VR to deliver relief from anxiety, pain, stress, worry, or other negative emotional states. Notable among them was flowly (see below). This phone-VR based solution incorporates sensor for respiration, heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) to deliver a measure of progress toward players’ goals, something that is lacking in Tripp, another VR application in this category. These applications are similar to the NIH funded LifeGames project underway at SimInsights, and provide validation of the unmet need. 

SimInsights’ Hyperskill platform is being applied to create a “Metaverse for skills”. This metarverse is a collection of VR/AR/AI-powered simulations that train users in diverse life skills ranging from job and soft skills today to stress management and coping skills in future. Such a collection will add societal value by expanding access and promoting equity which are fundamental for equipping the workforce with in-demand skills today and in the future.