SimInsights attends Pasadena City College STEM Gala

Irvine, California, January 27 2023: SimInsights representatives attended Pasadena City College STEM Gala event where they introduced students to virtual and augmented reality technologies and career opportunities via the HyperSkill platform. SimInsights team brought Oculus Quest and Microsoft Hololens AR/VR devices and gave live demonstrations of HyperSkill in the context of manufacturing, healthcare and education projects to students, faculty and administrators. As the students lined up to try the demos, they asked a lot of questions about internships, jobs, growth potential, technology. cost-benefits and a range of other topics. Several faculty and staff members were also highly engaged and enthusiastic about the opportunities for using immersive technologies in their courses ranging from calculus to anatomy. 

More pictures are available here

SimInsights team invests effort in such events to educate and inform the Southern California community about AR/VR technologies and the capabilities of the company. Immersive technology can be hard to appreciate without direct experience and events like this are essential for rapid adoption and deployment. If you would like to suggest similar events to our team, please get in touch.