SimInsights organizes HyperSkill training for edtech researchers at the UC Irvine School of Education

Irvine, California, February 1: SimInsights has organized a HyperSkill training for the faculty and graduate student edtech researchers at the UC Irvine School of Education. The event is organized by the Digital Learning Lab and is open to the public:

Introduction to No-Code Authoring, Publishing, and Evaluation of 3D Immersive and Interactive Content

Speaker: Chris Johnson, SimInsights
Friday, February 10 12:00pm to 1:00pm (PST)
Public Service Building 270 (next to UCI Parking Office, above the police station)
Or via Zoom:
Please RSVP here if you plan on attending the talk.
Are you well aware of the benefits of immersive learning but are curious about efficient approaches for creation, delivery and data collection? In this webinar, you will learn about the end to end process of creating immersive courses, publishing them across platforms and gathering data for research purposes. Immersive training creation can be accelerated 10-100 times by using purpose-built authoring software instead of game engines. In this hands-on training session, you will learn how to use HyperSkill to create your own 3D immersive training simulations that include the following:
  • Branching paths 
  • Dialogue with AI-agents 
  • Digital humans with gestures
  • Step by step instructions for procedural tasks 
  • Create multiplayer simulations for group learning and synchronous training
  • Publish your simulations to web, mobile, VR and AR devices 
  • Collect data from  users 
  • Analyze data to derive insights about users’ engagement and performance
By the end of the session, you will have created your own 3D interactive multiplayer simulations and gathered data for evaluating performance and proficiency.

Because this will be a hands-on training session, it is recommended that in-person participants bring their laptop. It will also expedite the training if attendees could make an account and install the software beforehand. You can make an account at this website:, and they have an introductory tutorial on YouTube. The speakers are bringing VR headsets to live-test our creations, and there will be a half-hour Q&A after the talk.

Through events such as these, SimInsights seeks to support research into experiential learning opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds. Accelerating experiential and immersive learning research will directly impact US workforce readiness and increase access to, and interest in, career pathways in emerging technology fields (e.g., advanced manufacturing, artificial intelligence, healthcare, semiconductors and space). Another key goal is to expand access to inclusive experiential learning opportunities designed for a broader, more diverse population, including adult learners interested in re-skilling and/or upskilling and connecting with those with expertise in workforce development.
About HyperSkill
HyperSkill is a no-code 3D simulation authoring software for both Virtual and Augmented Reality. HyperSkill was created to enable instructional designers to create immersive training content without having to learn programming. HyperSkill enables non-programmers to author VR/AR content, publish it to various devices and audiences and collect and visualize experience data. Users can unlock the value of existing CAD and 3D assets by converting them into interactive virtual objects securely stored in the cloud. These virtual objects can enrich training and assessment. HyperSkill supports xAPI so that content creators can use xAPI to log and report data and fine grained metrics related to content and learner proficiency on targeted knowledge and skills. To learn more, please visit

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