SimInsights joins the ARM Institute panel on AR/VR for Robotics Training and Evaluation

Irvine, California, January 31 2023 SimInsights CEO Raj Jha joined a panel on AR/VR technologies for Robotics Training and Evaluation. The webinar was organized by ARM Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. ARM organizes a monthly webinar with a focus on sharing insights and expertise related to advanced manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and topics such as robotics, AI, and workforce development. The format for this webinar was a panel discussion featuring ARM consortium members and ARM staff who discuss popular industry trends and provide insights. Over 100 representatives from manufacturing companies nationwide were in attendance. Some of the key issues discussed by the panel were:

  1. Raj, can you give a brief description of the proof of concept that SimInsights has developed for ARM?

  2. Jim, can you provide a brief description about a project that AVR Connect has developed using AR/VR tech for training purposes in the manufacturing industry?

  3. Corey, What can you offer in the way of lessons learned either through your own organization’s use of AR/VR, or through a customer’s use?

  4. Can you explain if/how you see AR being used to train more effectively than VR?

  5. Considering the next 5 years, what kind of growth trajectory do you see occurring in the use of AR/VR among small, medium, and large manufacturers?

  6. We know that the workforce is getting younger, do you see that as a driving force affecting the adoption of AR/VR? What other factors are driving the adoption of this technology?

  7. What do you see as the biggest advantages to the use of AR/VR in training and assessment? What disadvantages/challenges to adoption do you see?

  8. How are the challenges to adoption of AR/VR different for small/medium manufacturers vs large manufacturers? 

  9. How would you advise a small/medium size manufacturer to begin incorporating VR/AR in their efforts to hire and upskill their robotics workforce?

Watch the video recording here