SimInsights representative  presents at ASME Member-Only VIP lunch with students at Cal Poly Pomona

Irvine, California, April 29 2023: Raj Jha from SimInsights was invited by ASME to participate at the annual ASME EFx event at Cal Poly Pomona to share his experience and expertise with students.

Rajesh Jha SimInsights

Session description:  Join Rajesh Jha for an intimate conversation as he shares his insights as a leading entrepreneur in the AR/VR/AI space. SimInsights provides AR/VR/AI cloud-based SaaS software and services to enable enterprise customers to transform their training and operations from traditional to immersive (VR/AR) and from static to interactive and personalized (AI-powered). Embracing VR/AR/AI as part of digital transformation delivers ROI, and boosts human engagement, reskilling and upskilling.

Students asked a lot of questions for various topics including metaverse, VR/AR and AI, entrepreneurship. They wanted to know which courses to take, how to prepare for entrepreneurial journeys and what challenges to anticipate. Thank you ASME for organizing this great event!

One of SimInsights’ core values is to be a resource to the community and help the next generation of leaders by sharing experiences and expertise. If you are looking for experts in the areas of metaverse, artificial intelligence, 3D simulations, animations and software engineering, please reach out.