SimInsights announces Spanish Text-to-Speech (TTS) Capability

Irvine, California, May 12 2023:SimInsights, has added an exciting enhancement to their flagship product, HyperSkill. The platform now supports Spanish Text-to-Speech (TTS), further enhancing the capabilities of the HyperSkill no-code platform for AR/VR simulation development. Spanish TTS opens up new horizons for multilingual AR/VR experiences, enabling Spanish-speaking users to engage in immersive simulations with realistic audio interactions. There are 53 million  Spanish speakers in the US. Addition of this language is part of our mission of making high quality learning accessible and affordable for everyone.

To use this feature one can select the Spanish option under the settings section from a dropdown as shown in the screenshot below, then authors can seamlessly incorporate Spanish dialogues and text into their simulations, creating a fully immersive and language-rich environment.

The addition of Spanish TTS within HyperSkill amplifies immersion and realism by adding dynamic audio interactions to the virtual environment. Learners and users can now engage in realistic conversations, receive audio-based instructions, and interact with virtual characters, all in their native Spanish language. This enhanced level of immersion fosters a deeper connection and engagement, ultimately leading to more effective learning outcomes.