SimInsights exhibits Skillful at WORKCON 2023 in San Diego

Irvine, California, June 2 2023:  SimInsights impressed attendees at the California Workforce Association (CWA) WORKCON 2023 in San Diego with their innovative products, Skillful and HyperSkill, aligning perfectly with this year’s theme, “Clarity through Action.” The theme acknowledges the economic uncertainty shrouding the state, as layoffs in the tech sector and other industries create unease among Californians about what lies ahead.The event provided the perfect platform for SimInsights to showcase their products. 

Skillful is a rapidly growing collection of over 50 immersive, AI-powered VR/AR simulations covering a wide range of jobs including but not limited to medical, manufacturing, emergency response, pharma, retail, culinary, aviation, and soft skills fields. Skillful is priced for accessibility and impact at only 99$/month for the entire school site so that an unlimited number of people can explore careers and jobs. Skillful is powered by HyperSkill, a platform that enables rapid no-code creation and delivery of training and assessment for workforce development and education. 

Our products’ affordability compared to alternatives also caught the attendees’ attention. SimInsights’ participation and offerings demonstrated a level of commitment to driving innovation in workforce development and fostering valuable partnerships that is unmatched in the industry. 

Pictures from the event are available here.

Skillful and HyperSkill stood out in three key aspects:

  1. Openness: Unlike other vendors, HyperSkill and Skillful are open which allows customers to incorporate simulations from multiple sources. It fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry that so vital for benefiting the entire ecosystem
  2. Innovation: HyperSkill sets itself apart by supporting no-code creation, cross-platform delivery, and AI-powered learning and assessment. These innovative features offer unparalleled flexibility and advanced learning experiences.
  3. Agility: HyperSkill’s accelerated simulation creation process, offer 100 times faster than traditional coding using game engines, impressed attendees. This means new content can be developed within days or weeks, revolutionizing the speed at which training materials can be produced.

Other vendors charge as much as $5000 or $8000 per headset each year. In contrast, HyperSkill edu pricing is $99 per site per month for UNLIMITED devices and users.  Developed with R&D funding from the National Science Foundation, HyperSkill development is driven by a social impact mission to ensure that workforce boards can achieve substantially more in their region with limited WIOA funds.