SimInsights Announces Save State Checkpoints to HyperSkill

Irvine, California, August 21, 2023: SimInsights has announced the introduction of Save State Checkpoints to their flagship simulation software, HyperSkill. Saving and loading simulation progress, empowers users by allowing them to maintain and manage their progress within the simulation, ensuring they can seamlessly resume from where they left off or start the simulation anew if desired.

Authors can create checkpoints within the simulation at various stages of their progress. These checkpoints capture the current state of the simulation, including  State Actions, Conditions, Hints, and any other relevant data.

The authoring UI

By incorporating Save State Checkpoints, SimInsights aims to enhance the user experience within HyperSkill. This feature offers greater control and convenience, eliminating the frustration of losing progress due to unexpected interruptions. Users can confidently explore different branches and scenarios within their simulations, knowing they can easily return to specific checkpoints and continue their work from there. This functionality empowers researchers and facilitates deeper insights in simulation-assisted research.