SimInsights Presents With ATD On Impactful Learning: Transforming L&D with Generative AI

Irvine, California, April 30 2024: Chris Johnson from SimInsights spoke with fellow panelists Josh Cavalier and Dr. Andrea Munro about AI and how it is transforming the learning landscape today. The topics discussed in the meeting included the excitement and apprehensions about the use of generative AI in education, particularly in creating unique learning experiences, tailoring learning to individual students, and overcoming limitations in course design. There were also concerns about the potential misuse of AI, its accuracy and reliability, and privacy issues. The discussion also touched on the idea of using AI as a brainstorming tool and the possibility of it enhancing performance in various fields. The meeting also explored the comparison between generative AI and human performance, with a focus on the role of AI as a tool that assists and enhances human performance rather than replacing it.