5 Ways Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Feb 24th 2022

Healthcare is embracing AR/VR in a big way. Over the past few years, Virtual Reality has taken a practical form rather than being confined to the realm of concepts. This has largely become possible due to advancement in camera and sensor technologies. Today, there are umpteen doctors and other health professionals who are adapting to VR simulations to improve learning experiences.

What are Escape Rooms?

March 1st 2022

Escape Rooms have been around for over a decade, though gaining popularity only recently. They are theme-based physical rooms filled with immersive activities, challenges and adventures played in teams. The themes can range from action-packed to light-hearted fun where the teams are on a mission solving clues and uncovering secrets together!

Virtual Escape Rooms