Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse and Business Intelligence industry is undergoing disruption as Amazon and other cloud vendors are releasing innovative software tools at prices that are lower than traditional vendors by orders of magnitude. SimInsights is helping customers save time and cost by building highly customized and scalable Data warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions with industry competitive rates and agile turnaround times. Customers can leverage big data analytics at a fraction of the time and cost compared to just a year ago. Contact us to learn more about how these technologies can be used for similar use cases in your organization.


  • Time and cost saving from use of Amazon Web Services (Redshift, QuickSight, etc.) instead of traditional vendors.
  • Time and cost saving from SimInsights team’s extensive experience in agile development of complex software solutions.
  • Time and cost saving from automation of routine processes via machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.



  • Highly scalable infrastructure from Amazon Web Services.
  • Supporting a wide variety of data sources ranging from legacy databases to third party API’s.
  • Support for multimodal data (video, text, images, etc.).
  • Machine learning and AI expertise to unlock value from data.