SimInsights was one of the two startups that were featured in the NVIDIA blog article about the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in learning. The article highlighted the use of Nvidia AI by SimInsights to develop a virtual clinic for training students at UCLA’s medical centre. The use of conversational
On August 22, SimInsights successfully demonstrated the Robotic Technician Assessment Simulation to Chike Aguh, Chief Innovation Officer for the US Department of Labor at an event held at the Block Center atCarnegie Mellon University Campus in Pittsburgh, PA Funded by the Department of Defense’s Manufacturing Technology program, this Virtual Reality Assessment
SimInsights at Serious Play 2022
Rajesh Jha, CEO of SimInsights, presented at the Serious Play 2022 Conference in Orlando, Florida. Rajesh Jha spoke at the event and presented on Immersive, Interactive & Intelligent Training using VR/AR/AI. He spoke how companies can use virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to better train their staff and
SimInsights will be exhibiting at the SHRM 2022 Annual Conference and Expo.
SimInsights exhibited in SHRM 2022 in New Orleans from June 12 to 15 with booth number 5535 in the SHRMLabs Workplace Innovation Zone, situated in Hall C among other member companies.Instructional designers, subject matter experts, and educators/trainers can use HyperSkill to bring their amazing concepts and ideas to VR/AR without
 Rajesh Jha, CEO SimInsights, recently participated at the VRARA Education panel discussion titled “How to Build Learning Scenarios in VR that Spark Engagement” where he shared his experiences regarding the design and delivery of immersive learning scenarios. The panelists consisted of the following speakers: Christine Janssen, Founder & CEO, EdstutiaEllen Flaherty,