Infectious Disease Control

Infectious disease control

Diseases like Ebola, Zika, Sars and H1N1 or even Flu can spread rapidly and cause worldwide disruption. With Tufts University Biomedical School, we are building a testbed for designing and evaluating an array of games that teach high school students about a variety of infectious diseases. Underlying the games is a flexible, general purpose infectious disease simulation based on graphical models. Our testbed allows researchers and teachers to easily author a vast variety of games with many levels with differing challenge levels and concepts involved. Without any programming, researchers can augment these games with pre-post quizzes or instructional content and deploy them to classrooms or crowdsourcing websites to gather data. Finally, our analytics tools and dashboard enable easy processing, analysis and visualization, yielding actionable insights.

  • Engaging, multiplayer game for infectious disease education.
  • Enable teachers to author custom games.
  • Realistic simulation provides high fidelity to actual disease dynamics.
  • Learning analytics and dashboards.
  • AngularJS based game front end.
  • Firebase based multiplayer architecture.
  • Service oriented architecture.
  • Leverage proprietary SimInsights platform for development & hosting.
  • Agile game development.