personalised learning

Personalized learning for Classrooms

personalised learning

Automatically generate targeted games for your classroom. While traditional adaptive learning approaches boil down to a branching engine that
operates on a limited pool of content, our generative approach creates personalized content as well as learning paths for each individual learner.
It is a wizard-like interface that teachers can use to automatically generate a collection of targeted game based assessments and share with students.
Teachers can specify features such as complexity, difficulty, duration, grade levels, etc. that target specific learning and assessment needs.


  • The easiest way to create and share simulations ever. You can build your first simulation in less than a minute.
  • Teachers can define the assessments at a high level.
  • Students exercise their knowledge of physics.
  • Enjoyed by students as it is highly interactive.
  • Be part of a global community engaged in learning by doing.


  • Generate by selecting tags: Problem Type, Problem Solving, Bloom’s, and more.
  • Option to generate a certain number of problems
  • Simulations with different assets: Vector the Train, Madison, Panda, and more.
  • Icons with captions.
  • Option for feedback to students.
  • Visualize students performance and progress through an interactive dashboard.