relation mapping

Relation Mapping - Effectively monitor and manage your relationships

relation mapping tool

Ferrazzi-Greenlight, a leading global sales strategy consulting firm, needed a relationship mapping tool to help develop and execute sales strategies for Fortune 500 clients. SimInsights team built a real time collaborative application (similar to Google Docs) that allowed geographically dispersed sales people to securely work together. SimInsights continues to maintain the application and serve as thought partner in exploring future possibilities. In today’s highly connected world, collaboration is the key to greater productivity. How can collaboration boost your team’ s productivity?

Key Features and Benefits:

    • Multiple Data Views
      Allow users to view different sets of data at a time, including graphical and spreadsheet views.
    • Drag and Drop
      Simple interactions that allow users to view, edit, and organize charts and relationship maps.
    • Multiple User Views
      More than one user can view as well as edit data in real time via web browsers.
    • No Plugin
      Built using HTML5 to support a variety of devices without any plugin downloads required.
    • Exporting Data
      Users can easily export data from this application and view it in other applications.
relation mapping