Rajesh Jha

Rajesh Jha is the founder and CEO of SimInsights Inc. Rajesh is interested in simulation and personalized learning and is excited about the potential of VR/AR devices for training, education and workforce development. Rajesh has served as Principal Investigator on research grants from the US Department of Education, National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Rajesh started his career at Altair Inc., in Detroit, Michigan, in 2000, where he managed the development of software systems for computer aided engineering, modeling and simulation used by companies in automotive, aerospace and other sectors to rapidly design products. He holds a BSME from IIT Varanasi, MSME from Ohio State University and an MBA from UCLA. When he is not working with his team at SimInsights, he likes to code and design robots with his sons, while hoping to someday find time for mountain biking and meditation.


Douglas Choi

Douglas Choi leads software engineering at SimInsights, with special focus on scalable backend systems. He earned his MS in Computer Science from California State University, Long Beach, and BS in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Irvine. Douglas is also an expert in areas of game development, assessment and certification and analytics. Since 2012, he has developed a large number of game and simulation-based learning experiences in diverse areas ranging from infectious diseases to wind turbine design and manufacturing. In his spare time, Douglas likes to play piano and play video games.


Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett is an expert instructional designer. He earned his PhD in ecology from UC Davis in 1991 with a focus on computer simulation of ecological systems. Following a USDA Postdoctoral Fellowship he started on a new career path applying his computer simulation expertise to instructional technology. Since 2000 he has designed and developed simulation-based learning experiences in biology, veterinary medicine, and human medicine for both university and continuing education. Most recently, he led instructional design and development for online graduate program initiatives at UC Davis.

Billy Hackett

Billy is Vice President of Business Development at SimInsights, responsible for high level engagements with decision makers in industry and government organizations. Billy has over 20 years of experience in teaching math, coaching sports, and investing energy in understanding the learning process. He is passionate about the potential of VR and AR to close the skills gap through engaging programs that accelerate training and enhance support. Billy holds degrees from the College of the Holy Cross (BA), University of California Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management (MBA), and California State University Los Angeles (MA, Education).