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XR 101 - Case Studies on ROI from Immersive Training

(Duration: 1 Hour, Every 2 weeks)

Customers often ask for estimates of return on investment (ROI) guidance so they can make the business case for investment in immersive training. The approach we use consistently is to begin with the task (learning objectives), and note that each task has demands that can be modeled as a combination of three types: perceptual, cognitive and motor. Clearly, VR is not supposed to be better for every task training, but it is in many cases. In this webinar, you will learn about a number of immersive training deployments in industry and academia. We will describe the end to end process and highlight both technical and business outcomes.

XR 102 - Introduction to No-Code Authoring, Publishing and Evaluation of 3D Immersive Interaction Content

(Prerequisite: None, Duration: 1 hour)

Are you well aware of the business and technical reasons for leveraging immersive training, but are curious to learn about the different implementation approaches, their pros and cons and costs and benefits? In this webinar, you will learn about the end to end process of creating immersive courses for different industries and functions. Immersive training implementation involves making choices about hardware, software, instructional design, content creation, data collection and analysis. These choices strongly impact the time, cost and risk of project outcomes. This webinar is ideal for people who are actively looking to implement immersive training in their organizations.

XR 103 - Introduction to HyperSkill (Beginner)

(Prerequisite: Intro to No-Code Authoring, Publishing and Evaluation Webinar, Duration: 2 hours, Frequency: Every 2 weeks)

Immersive training creation can be accelerated 10-100 times by using purpose-built authoring software instead of game engines.  In this hands-on training session, you will learn how to use HyperSkill to create your own 3D immersive training simulations that include the following:

  • Step by step instructions for procedural tasks 
  • 3D scene layout with assets from the library
  • Publish your simulations across platforms
  • Make 3D objects interactable tools in the environment,
  • Scenario flow with branching paths, 
  • Conditional progress based on user choices,
  • Feedback provided to users in context,
  • Change VR Controller options,
  • Create multiplayer simulations
  • Dialogue with Generative AI-agents 
  • Virtual humans with gestures
  • Chatbox support for fast loading on older computers
  • Collect data from  users 
  • Analyze data to derive insights about engagement and performance

By the end of the session, you will have created your own 3D interactive multiplayer simulations and gathered data for evaluating performance and proficiency.

XR 104 - HyperSkill Training (Intermediate)

(Prerequisite: HyperSkill Training (Intermediate) Webinar, Duration: 2 hours)

In this intermediate training session, you will learn advanced techniques to fine tune your simulations for greater engagement and effectiveness. Topic covered will include:

  • Creating your own 3D virtual spaces and objects
  • How to create animations for objects
  • Techniques for rich dialogue and question answering (QA) with AI-agents 
  • Trigger-condition-action rules for smart interactions
  • Create custom dashboards

By the end of the session, you will have created fairly sophisticated simulations with the above functionalities.

XR 105 - HyperSkill Training (Advanced)

(Prerequisite: HyperSkill Training (Advanced) Webinar, Duration: 2 hours)

In this advanced training session, you will learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based techniques to make your immersive content AI-powered. AI-powered content is more engaging and effective because users can interact with the content more naturally. Topic covered will include:

  • Benefits of AI/ML for VR and AR
  • Quick introduction to AI/ML concepts and methods 
  • How to use data to improve conversational interactions
  • How to use 3D models and videos to train AI models
  • How to create multimodal  AI assistants that hear and see

By the end of the session, you will have trained your own machine learning models for both voice and vision and deployed them for real time inference.

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