New Hire Onboarding Program for Manufacturing

Hire Onboarding Program

Key Features Include Virtual Reality Simulation Conversational AI Deep Learning Onboarding Program Job Skill Training


- Lower training costs
- Minimize product wastage
- Increase training speed


An innovative high fidelity VR-based immersive, interactive and intelligent simulation based onboarding training program was developed. The program was pilot tested to evaluate ROI and found to deliver excellent outcomes. The program was then deployed into production, and is serving as a model for other plants in other states in the US.

The Challenge: Inefficiencies in the legacy training program

The Solution: Immersive 3D simulations with Conversational AI authored using HyperSkill



Measurable Benefits

The data shows that there is a substantial improvement in all of the measured KPIs. This was also apparent from the significant improvement in the learner engagement survey. As new employees could asynchronously and repeatedly practice their tasks at their own pace, that too in a low-risk immersive environment, they started taking more ownership of their learning process. When a trainee made mistakes in the VR simulation s/he did not have to feel guilty about it. Actually, the learners were never discouraged from making mistakes in the simulation environment. It is all a part of the learning process. The new employees felt the gratitude that the company was investing so much for their success. It was observed that the majority of the trainees got intrinsically motivated because of the above mentioned factors. Hence, there was a sharp improvement in all the target KPIs.

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