HyperSkill enables users to author, publish and evaluate VR/AR content without coding.

Author, Publish, and Evaluate

HyperSkill is a no-code 3D simulation authoring software for both Virtual and Augmented Reality. HyperSkill was created to enable instructional designers to create immersive training content without having to learn programming. HyperSkill enables non-programmers to author VR/AR content, publish it to various devices and audiences and collect and visualize experience data.

Users can unlock the value of existing CAD and 3D assets by converting them into interactive virtual objects securely stored in the cloud. These virtual objects can enrich training and assessment. HyperSkill supports xAPI so that content creators can use xAPI to log and report data and fine grained metrics related to content and learner proficiency on targeted knowledge and skills.

  • Author: Drag and drop interactive 3D assets from our repository, add step by step instructions, add highlights and other effects, and author dialogue to design conversations.
  • Publish: Author once, experience anywhere. HyperSkill content can be experienced on a wide range of VR and AR devices ranging from mobile to high-end AR (Hololens, Magic Leap, etc.) and VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Rift etc.)
  • Evaluate: Capture rich multimodal datasets from users when they experience the content (head and hand motion, point of view video, audio, action streams, etc.) and quickly create visualizations. HyperSkill supports xAPI for logging and reporting data and fine grained metrics related to content and learner proficiency on targeted knowledge and skills.

What is HyperSkill?

Deploy high quality immersive, interactive and intelligent training with 10-100 times cost savings and large ROI

AI-Powered With Voice and Vision

No-Code Authoring

Reusable Repository

Video Based Scenarios

Realistic Graphics & Interactions

Rich Data Capture & Insights

Assessments & Certifications

Integrations With LMS, LRS and More

Multiplayer Collaboration

Gamification Engine

Support for All platforms - VR, AR, MR, Web, Mobile

Easy to Maintain

Validated for Outcomes

Branching Dialogue & Interactions

Personalization & Adaptive Learning

Designed for Agile Deployment

How our Process Works




2D blueprints, 3D models in various formats, PDF or word docs, SOPs, TWI, manuals, images, videos, audio files etc. All of these assets get converted into reusable virtual objects ready for use in the training scenarios.




Instructional designers and subject matter experts author the scene, environment, objects, interactions, step by step instructions, dialogue with virtual humans, multiplayer rules and more using HyperSkill Studio for windows or Mac.




HyperSkill provides many options to test the simulations by yourself, with your team, with our team or even through crowd workers.




Select your audience, target devices and publish the content quickly and efficiently. Let Hyperskill take care of cross platform compatibility, SSO, accessibility, interoperability and various integrations.




Watch the data come in as your audience experiences the content. Measure and evaluate your data for engagement, recall, retention, transfer of targeted knowledge, skills and abilities.

AI-Powered With Voice and Vision

No-Code Authoring


Reusable Repository


Video Based Scenarios


Realistic Graphics & Interactions

Rich Data Capture & Insights

Assessments & Certifications

Integrations With LMS, LRS and More

Multiplayer Collaboration


Gamification Engine

Support for All platforms - VR, AR, MR, Web, Mobile

Easy to Maintain

Validated for Outcomes


Branching Dialogue & Interactions

Personalization & Adaptive Learning


Designed for Agile Deployment

Below are some sample simulations created with HyperSkill and used at different organizations to address a variety of use cases.

HyperSkill at Cal State Northridge (CSUN) and UCI CalIT2

3D printing technology is rapidly advancing and 3D printers are quickly gaining acceptance in industry. This creates the urgent need to train a lot of workers rapidly on proper and safe use of 3D printers of various types e.g. metal, plastic etc. This critical skill gap is hard to close when experts are not available. This is the problem that augmented reality can solve. California State University and Stevens Institute of Technology are already using HyperSkill for 3D printing. Contact us to learn more.

Healthcare Training

Healthcare experts agree that there are substantial benefits to incorporating  immersive virtual reality based training into healthcare training programs. Whether the training is focused on didactic, skills or simulation, VR can deliver ROI and outcomes with efficiency and agility, by cutting down the need for in-person training and travel. Decision makers often focus on efficiency, but in some cases agility is the key factor in decision making.

HyperSkill for Assembly

Assembly is a large portion of manufacturing operations. During assembly, defects can be introduced and they can pass undetected through quality inspection which can result in substantial rework or warranty costs. Just in the US, companies could have saved more than 25 billion dollars in 2018 in warranty claims if all the products worked as expected. HyperSkill aims to enable non-technical users to author digital twins of the workspaces, equipment and processes for training, guidance and quality monitoring. The picture shows an example of the types of electromechanical or mechatronic systems that are challenging to assemble.

VR Enabled Personalized Manufacturing Training

VLab is a training simulation for material testing labs in engineering. These labs are often conducted using Instron equipment. VLab is an example of how HyperSkill can support the creation of equipment focused procedural (hard skills) content and capture data to evaluate learner engagement and efficacy. VLab was pilot tested at Texas A&M University in 2017-18 and has since then been used in three departments with hundreds of universities.

Revitalizing Apprenticeships for Small and Medium-Sized Industries

There is a growing need to better educate students on what career choices are available to them in a more engaging way. For robotics and automation careers, Clemson and SimInsights developed a simulation where students are able to experience a factory populated with various specialists in different potential fields, see them with the equipment and robots they may work with.

Virtual Reality Based Healthcare Facility Mock-up Evaluation Guidelines

Clinician input at blue-print stage of medical facility design is valuable from a human factors standpoint. Working with Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA, Canada) and Alberta Health Services (AHS), SimInsights used HyperSkill to develop VR mockups that enabled rapid facility design evaluation and automated behavioral analytics.

Mixed Reality-Based Automotive Dealer Skills Training

The world’s first mixed reality digital dealership experience included the development of different multiplayer environments, which deployed in the same physical space. Virtual spaces representing the showroom, parts, service and conference room were created. Virtual customers with different preferences and concerns were created. Conversational AI was leveraged to enable speech interactions between players and virtual characters. An AI virtual assistant representing the general manager was also developed to start the activities and assist players in each department.

VR Based Robotic Technician Assessment Test

The aim of the project given by ARM is to utilize the future technology of VR to create and deliver a potential employee assessment in the maintenance of a palletizing robot. Users would be presented with a fault in the robot and would use their own knowledge and experience to attempt to identify the problem, utilize the tools in the work cell environment to address or fix the issues.

Virtual Reality based worker onboarding simulation

An innovative high fidelity VR-based immersive and interactive training program was developed. The program was pilot tested to evaluate ROI (650% over 3 years) and found to deliver excellent outcomes. The program was then deployed into production, and is serving as a model for other plants in other states in the US.

Augmented reality based interactive visualizations to enhance student learning

Enable students to visualize the models they designed in 3D, in the real environment using augmented reality, 2) allow students to share and collaborate on designs as 3D holograms

VR based procedural training & assessment simulations for clinicians for emerging infectious disease (EID) training

For more than 60 years, UCLA Health has provided health care and latest in medical technology to the people of Los Angeles and throughout the world by operating nearly 200 hospitals. As part of their mission to deliver leading-edge patient care, research and education, they needed best-in-class training to prepare thousands of clinicians to effectively deal with emerging threats of infectious diseases such as Ebola, Covid variants and others.

3D Immersive Interactive and Intelligent Training for Clinicians

This project addresses communication and team training through the development of a set of virtual reality simulations using the HyperSkill platform developed by SimInsights. 

Simulations based training for students at OSU College of Nursing

This project trains the patient on how to approach a postpartum woman following normal vaginal delivery of twins with a history of childhood asthma. The patient exhibits signs and symptoms of postpartum hemorrhage that the learner needs to identify by examining the patient’s medical history and by examining vital signs. And informing the patient how to breastfeed the twins

CDiff Standard Operating Procedures for School of Nursing

This project assesses a registered nurse on the procedure and protocol to be followed by a nurse while attending a patient with CDiff illness. Learners learn the correct diagnostic process through which they diagnose the CDiff in a patient. They need to follow the right procedure involved in treating a CDiff patient and ensure safety protocols.

Factory Assembly Line in VR with HyperSkill - Breadboard Assembly

In this VR and web based multiplayer simulation, users need to assemble as many breadboards as possible within the given time limit. A facilitator assigns each user to a desk with a designated task. At each desk, the user must add specific parts to the breadboard assembly. Once they add the required parts, the breadboard assembly is passed to the next table, simulating the workflow for an assembly line. The breadboards are assembled with springs, resistors, LEDs, and other items.

A Large Consulting Firm Used HyperSkill to Assess Team Skills via VR Escape Rooms

The goal of this project is to introduce employees to a VR Escape Room environment where they need to coordinate with each other to solve tasks and escape the room. This experience introduces them to rules and understands the failure system. This experience will be evaluated when the same individual is introduced to the same escape room. This time, they need to apply all the learnings from their previous experience and need to escape from the room. At the end of the simulation, they receive feedback on their performance.

Texas A&M and Michigan Tech are using HyperSkill

The goal of this project was to build a virtual lab allowing the students to understand the tensile testing process using the Instron tensile machine. In this simulation with the help of step by step instructions, students learn the accurate steps to perform as many times as they need. This gives them a safer environment to learn about the tensile testing process.
It can be observed that students with VR experience performed considerably better when put in the real environment

Virtual Campus - Explore the IIT-BHU Campus with HyperSkill.

This project was made to replicate the real life structure of the IIT-BHU that has a Temple inside the campus. The users can roam around and adore the beautiful outdoor campus as well as they can visit the interior of the campus where the temple is located.

Virtual Classroom in VR with HyperSkill

Simulation consists of various anatomical structures like Human Body, blood vessels ,muscles, nervous System and Skeleton Structure. Which can be examined by clicking on their respectives names. Each structure can be examined numerous times

HyperSkill Hub - Museum inspired central Hub that links to a multitude of simulated worlds

Hub Museum is conceptualized as a space where one can explore different dioramas, select one and portal into it to explore further. Sandra, our virtual assistant/museum guide will help you navigate in Space. Explore the museum and find out more about the sim based dioramas ranging from Education to Manufacturing.

Career Exploration and Exposure in K12

The world is full of things that can be done in virtual reality. There are so many possibilities for manufacturing, for example. You could create a virtual reality simulation of your factory, and then use it to do all the planning, design, testing and building you need to get an idea of how it will look when it’s built. You could also build up a virtual reality simulation of your tools and equipment—so you’d know what they would look like before you even bought them.

Mixed Reality (MR) Training for Metal Additive Manufacturing

A system was created that was capable of standardizing the metal AM workflow in a comprehensive format to quickly and efficiently train new operators. This was accomplished by implementing an AI-powered simulation for metal AM that

-Utilized an AI system for text recognition and object detection
-Used an innovative, immersive training environment using an AR headset

Semikron Pilot Tested HyperSkill to train factory workers

Production plant training must take into account the critical balancing act that must be done between productivity and safety in manufacturing. To ensure production efficiency and quality, as well as to meet deadlines and profitability targets, leaders must be able to increase the workforce swiftly.

Troubleshooting Skills Training with Virtual Assistant in VR with HyperSkill

Sandra, one of our embodied virtual assistants, is ready to help learners in this simulation for troubleshooting electrical circuits. In this simulation, learners will be troubleshooting a circuit to identify faulty parts with the assistance of HyperSkill’s virtual assistant. Using HyperSkill authoring platform, authors can embed answers to learners’ queries preemptively and the virtual assistant with its conversational AI technology can understand users voice input and respond to these queries.

Proctor Demo in VR with HyperSkill

In this simulation, the learner needs to respond to the question posed by the proctor, the user needs to be mindful of the interactions from the virtual people. The user is responding to several questions from the proctor who displays 3 different images with 3 lines of varying lengths. The user along with other VPs need to correctly identify the longest line and answer the question. Based on the user response, they will be provided the final result through a feedback panel

Racial Bias (DEI) Training in VR with HyperSkill

In this virtual reality, the user needs to observe the interaction between a new employee who is going through her onboarding process. This simulation introduces the user to racial biases exhibited with the office environment. The new joinee is subjected to several questions based on her looks and accent. The user witnessed biases being projected by people at different positions in an office environment.

Gender Bias (DEI) Training in VR with HyperSkill

In this role play scenario for DEI training, empathize with the employee and understand discrimination at the workplace based on ethnicity. HyperSkill’s simplified authoring platform enables creation of role play scenarios for DEI training at a rapid pace and with ease. HyperSkill is equipped with Virtual People that can be used in such scenarios making it the perfect fit for authoring a scenario based simulation for DEI training.

Difficult Conversations (Soft Skills) in VR with HyperSkill

In this scenario, the learner is present during a difficult conversation. Learner is assessed based on his intervention and is given a score.

Open Metaverse - Import Virtual Campus from Third Party Tool

Any facility or campus can be virtualized.

Navy Career Interest Assessment Simulation

Simulation where several emergency situations occur and need to be resolved that can occur on a Navy vessel. Users would need to follow proper safety techniques, resolve the outbreak of a fire, fix an error with an electrical panel, and address a leaking pipe. Users are evaluated based on their reactions and solutions to the emergencies presented.

Left Arm X-Ray Simulation

This simulation allows learners to master the techniques of capturing the X-ray image of the left hand in a safe, immersive, and realistic environment where they walk around the VR room just as they would in a hospital or clinic. If the job requires them to reach out and move machinery or the patient – that’s exactly what they have to do. Of course, every movement they make is tracked and feedback of the learners is shared with their Supervisors.

Scavenger Hunt Simulation

Scavenger Hunt is a fun simulation where users will have to solve puzzles and complete tasks. Users are given hints to help them locate the items or tasks on the list, and they might need to use their imagination and problem-solving abilities to come up with ways to finish some tasks in an intriguing and interactive way. To make the environment more immersive and engaging, it has a variety of interactive features like sound effects and animations

Lockout Tagout (Safety) Simulation Training

Simulation in which learners will be introduced to a scenario wherein they need to apply the OSHA approved Safety Procedure – Lockout Tagout before attending to repair a malfunctioned robotic arm. This simulation will give the learners hands-on experience on learning the correct process and procedure to implement the Lockout Tagout process

HaaS CNC Lathe Simulation

CNC Machine Simulation will provide user step-by-step instructions to use a CNC lathe to manufacture a chess piece from an aluminum bar stock. Users will use caliper, allen wrench tools to perform actions over the workpiece and control panel to store values to manufacture chess pieces. The Users will also perform steps like tightening of the workpiece for avoiding accidents

Forklift Training simulation

Forklift virtual reality (VR) training is a type of training program that uses VR technology to simulate real-life forklift operation scenarios. The training program aims to provide forklift operators with a safe and immersive environment to practice and improve their skills. The VR headset is used to display the virtual environment, and the participant uses hand-held controllers to operate the forklift within the simulation. The training program can include various scenarios such as loading and unloading cargo, navigating tight spaces, and dealing with obstacles. The virtual environment can also be programmed to mimic different types of forklifts and environments, allowing for a more comprehensive training experience

Chemistry Labs - Flames Test

Simulation where you can test various substances and analyze their behavior when exposed to flame and get detailed description about the reaction why the flame color is yellow,green depending upon the substance. An analytical method known as a “flame test” is used in chemistry to identify the presence of certain elements, typically metal ions, based on each element’s distinctive flame emission spectrum which may be affected by the presence of chloride ions.

Fire Arm Training - GLOCK 17

Using a Glock 17 gun, users in this simulation practice hitting targets. Two levels were made for the sim. In level 1, the user attempts to score by firing balloons that arrive in an arbitrary order and at an arbitrary location. The player must hit the button to find out his score at the end of level 1.At the end of level 1, the user must press the button to find out how many points he earned. In level 1, the user attempts to score by firing balloons that arrive in random order and at random locations.
For level 2 practice, the user will utilize an arrow spawner to hit the head and body of human targets. The user will then receive an endless supply of arrows after pressing the button to earn points and have fun.

Drainage Cleaning Training Simulation

The Simulation starts with Problem introduction ,the user will explore the Virtual space and Try to find the source of the problem and then tries the visual inspection to address the problem.then user will empty the blockage and collect the waste water somewhere else,user will disassemble the Commode from the position and resolve the issue.

Chemistry Lab - Tollens Test Simulation

Simulation where users would be able to mix the test solution, observe the reaction, and understand the results, just as they would in a real laboratory setting. The chemical experiment performed in this simulation is Tollen’s test. This test is used to check if sugar is present in the substance or not. Users could select the substance they want to test and follow the steps to mix the solution and observe the reaction. If the substance contains sugar, a silver mirror would form on the inner surface of the test tube, just as it would in a real-world experiment. Users are given quizzes in between to check if they understood the reaction.

HVAC - Faulty Air Condenser

Simulation in which you will learn step by step how to repair and diagnose a faulty air condenser. In this simulation, the user needs to find the fault in the condenser and then follow the corresponding steps. The user will first turn on the air conditioner, then start a scan, where you will see its hot air coming out, then the user will guess what all the possible problems are. The next user will check the voltage level to see if it causes problems. the normal voltage value should be 240 and finally the user replaces the fan if this step is correct the fan speed will increase and the indoor unit will not supply hot air anymore

Matterport Space Import Into HyperSkill

Matterport is a popular product for scanning indoor spaces in many industries including real estate. It produces photorealistic, immersive spaces that support virtual tours on web and VR platforms. It is possible to export Matterport data into FBX format and import it into HyperSkill for use in simulation scenarios for training or other purposes. Scanning has its strengths and limitations. 

Fablab case study

In this lab virtualization project, Dassault Systemes requested creation of a virtual replica of their fabrication lab (FabLab) in Waltham, Massucchessts, USA. The lab included a large space, Tormach machine and a few tables and other equipment such as 3D printers. The focus was on the Tormach machine and its machining operations.

Phillips vision case study

Phillips Vision is an AR application for Epson Moverio that amplifies the cognitive and perceptual capabilities of workers in all industries including manufacturing, healthcare and education. Phillips Vision accelerates training, improves assembly operations, increases quality and compliance and streamlines field service. Phillips Vision connects workers with just in time relevant information in the form of step by step instructions, remote assistance from expert humans as well as AI agents. Phillips Vision helps factory workers get their job done faster, assists field technicians get remote help from expert colleagues and accelerates learning for the novice workers across industries.

HVAC - Dirty Filter Replacement

Simulation for HVAC dirty filter replacement would allow users to experience the process of replacing a dirty air filter in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in an immersive, interactive environment. In the simulation, users would be able to follow step-by-step instructions to locate and remove the dirty filter, and then install a new filter in its place.

VR Training For Tasks To Be Performed On Mars

VR really shines when the training environment is unsafe and expensive. At nearly 100 million miles of distance and a non-life supporting environment, Mars easily meets these requirements. In this demonstration project, the SimInsights team is developing job simulations for tasks that need to be done by astronauts on the surface of mars. 

OMIC - Controller Exercise 1

Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of CNC Machine Button Operations  through Simulated Button Matching: Connect the Correct Description to its Corresponding Button for Advancement to the Next Module.

OMIC - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Donning Assessment

Put Your PPE Knowledge to the Test: Equip Yourself with the Minimum Necessary Personal Protective Equipment in this Realistic Simulation. Explore the Cabinet and Learn about the Various PPE Items by Hovering Over Them. Ensure Your Safety by Selecting the Hard Hat, Eye Protection, and Ear Protection. Receive Immediate Feedback on Your Choices and Correct Incorrect Selections with Embedded Videos or Starting Over. Save Your Progress and Review Content Anytime. Move on to the Next Scenario Upon Correctly Equipping Yourself with the Required PPE.

OMIC - Controller Exercise 2

 Experience Hands-On Control of the Haas CNC Machine: Navigate the Controller Board with Confidence in this Interactive Simulation. Tackle Five Real-World Problems by Selecting the Correct Buttons or Button Combinations on the Haas Controller. Prove Your Mastery by Advancing to the Next Module Upon Correctly Answering All Five Scenarios. Enhance Your Learning with Immediate Feedback and Opportunities to Review Material.


This is a detailed narrative of a lockout/tagout (LOTO) training scenario using a Haas CNC machine. The scenario includes both visual and audio cues to guide the learner through the LOTO process, including shutting down the electrical power, air pressure, and hydraulic pressure (if applicable). The scenario will track various variables such as time spent in the scenario, time spent on each section of the checklist, the number of hints given, and progress through the scenario. The scenario also includes features such as context-sensitive help, positive/negative sounds for correct/incorrect answers, and a progress bar to show the learner’s progress. The scenario takes place in a lab environment with a Haas CNC machine, an electrical control box with a gate switch, pressure gauges for pneumatic and hydraulic shutoffs, and audio sounds to simulate each event. The learner must successfully shut off each section of the system or they will be directed back to the previous LOTO video training for a refresh.

OMIC - Clear Workplace

Experience Hands-On Control of the Haas CNC Machine: Navigate the Controller Board with Confidence in this Interactive Simulation. Tackle Five Real-World Problems by Selecting the Correct Buttons or Button Combinations on the Haas Controller. Prove Your Mastery by Advancing to the Next Module Upon Correctly Answering All Five Scenarios. Enhance Your Learning with Immediate Feedback and Opportunities to Review Material.

Firearm Training Using Virtual and Mixed Reality

Successfully demonstrated that a physical firearm can be tracked accurately to enable training using virtual and mixed reality.  Via integration with a Bluetooth connector that could easily be retrofitted to any firearm, spatial orientation data of the firearm was received and integrated into HyperSkill platform, allowing for virtual training with the physical weapon. This opened up the possibility of using the firearm as a controller for the simulated world, showcasing a HUD with the ammo remaining in the magazine, direction of friendly units, and many more features. The final result was a much higher fidelity of training without the high cost and safety concerns associated with real world training.

If you would like access to HyperSkill, please contact us.