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We partner with world renowned institutions to provide you with a large offering of virtual reality training simulations.

Content Partners

We believe that content creators should own the intellectual property (IP) in the simulations they create. We know that creation of quality simulations requires expertise and it takes many years of hard work to become an expert. Simulations are the richest containers of knowledge, far richer than text, images and videos. Hence it is important to properly incentivize our expert simulation creators to capture value and monetize their expertise. 

We consider it our honor and privilege to work with such esteemed experts. Our content partners are among the leading experts in their fields and take great pride in their simulations. Here are a few of the organizations applying HyperSkill to create the metaverse of skills.

For more than 60 years, UCLA Health has provided health care and latest in medical technology to the people of Los Angeles and throughout the world by operating nearly 200 hospitals. HyperSkill enables UCLA Health to create the metaverse for clinician skills

OMIC is on a mission to develop and apply advanced metals manufacturing technologies and processes for industrial competitive advantage and academic growth. HyperSkill enables OMIC to create the metaverse for problem solving skills in manufacturing

Sify Technologies Limited is NASDAQ technology company providing end-to-end solutions in telecom, data center, cloud and training domains. HyperSkill enables Sify to create the metaverse for job skills in pharmaceutical, medical device and manufacturing industries.

CraneMorley was founded in 1991 as a pioneer in performance-based learning for the automotive and powersports industries. Over the years, CraneMorley has lived on the practical cutting edge of learning technology, earning more than 100 national awards in close partnership with our clients. HyperSkill enables CraneMorley to create the metaverse for automotive industry job skills.

CraneMorely collaborated with SimInsights to develop the world’s first mixed reality digital dealership experience included the development of different multiplayer environments, which deployed in the same physical space.

Shaw Industries Group, Inc. is one of the world's largest carpet manufacturers with more than $6 billion in annual revenue and approximately 22,000 employees worldwide. HyperSkill enables Shaw Industries to create the metaverse for jobs skill in the fiber production industry.

Purdue MEP helps manufacturers cut costs, increase profits, train workforce via consulting and training from industry experts. HyperSkill is enabling Purdue MEP is creating the metaverse for lean manufacturing skills.

The ARM Institute leads the way to a future where people and robots work together to respond to our nation’s greatest challenges and to develop and produce the world’s most desired products. HyperSkill is enabling ARM to create the metaverse for robotic technician job skills assessment and credentialing.

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