Skillful Homeschooling: Immersive Education for Everyone

Skillful Homeschooling: Immersive Education for Everyone

Immersive, Interactive and Intelligent Learning Environments for Homeschool

Homeschooling is a great option for many students. With Skillful Homeschooling, learners can experience the diverse environments, facilities, equipment, training programs, career pathways and field trips without having to leave home, using a VR headset or web browser. With AI powered characters integrated within the experiences, learning can be deeper and more engaging. There are several benefits to using Skillful Homeschooling collection of simulations:

  1. Deeper learning: Research has shown that virtual and mixed reality simulations lead to deeper learning and retention.
  2. Higher engagement: Hundreds of studies have shown that virtual and mixed reality simulations lead to much greater engagement than traditional learning.
  3. Immersive 3D: Well designed 3D immersive environments blend skills from 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, game engine programming, and graphic design to make students feel like they are actually in a different place. This is known as the feeling of presence and is believed to produce deeper learning and retention. 
  4. Realistic Interaction: When  users move around, speak with others, grab or use objects, turn on or off light switches or Bunsen burners in a science lab, push on buttons to turn on a robot, etc. the digital twin must respond in a realistic manner, otherwise presence fades away and learning suffers. 
  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI enables the digital twins and metaversities to include virtual humans that can relieve the demands on faculty, staff, teaching assistants, lab managers and coaches, while improving the users’ experience. AI powered virtual humans never get tired, have almost infinite knowledge and learn from continued usage to get better. 
  6. Safety: Students can learn lessons without getting exposed to safety risks from travel, injury and illness.

Skillful Homeschooling is the homeschool version of the Skillful license. Skillful license is only available to educational organizations. We created Skillful Homeschooling to offer this product to the homeschool community. Skillful Homeschooling includes all the same simulations available to Skillful customers. Please contact us to learn more.

How is Skillful Homeschooling different from other products?

  1. Immersive: Skillful Homeschooling is a VR/AR-first product, though web and mobile are also supported.

  2. Affordable: Skillful Homeschooling price is MUCH LOWER than other companies. Skillful Homeschooling costs just $30 per year per license. 

  3. Fast: Skillful is created using the HyperSkill platform. New learning simulations can be created within days or weeks, not months. Tell us about a new simulation you would like to see included in Skillful.

  4. Authentic: The team behind Skillful built HyperSkill to serve leading enterprise companies in manufacturing, healthcare and other sectors. The knowledge and experience gained from building HyperSkill is applied to make sure that Skillful simulations teach authentic skills.   

  5. Fun: VR/MR and AI technologies make learning fun.

  6. Comparison of cost-benefit offered by Skillful versus other vendors.

  Other Vendor SimInsights
Annual content license per user $150 $30
Web Yes Yes
No-code authoring No Yes
Realistic interactions No Yes
Multiplayer No Yes
AI-powered No Yes
Hololens No Yes
Apple Vision pro No Yes
Ability to customize sims without code No Yes
iPad No Yes
Customer owns content No Yes

How to Buy Skillful Homeschooling

Please send email to to receive a purchase link.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many simulations are included in Skillful.

Currently 142 simulations are available, growing at 30 new sims per month.

Can you create new sims if we request them?

Yes, please send an email to

Does Skillful support multiplayer? My child is part of a study group and would like to learn in a group setting.

Yes, many of the Skillful simulations are multiplayer ready.

Have another question? Please contact us.