Lifegames is a set of camera based biosensor-enabled, NGSS compatible, AR based education app for biology and health science high school students used for formative assessment.

Life is a game. Learn the rules to win.

Lifegames is a set of camera based biosensor-enabled, augmented reality based, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) compatible, formative assessment oriented app for biology and health science high school education. Our emphasis is on student engagement, deeper learning of the heart and cardiovascular function and diseases, and valid formative feedback to guide students. The purpose of this app is to positively impact engagement, learning outcomes, content knowledge and self efficacy toward biomedical degrees and careers.

  • Playlists: We have included a playlist that contains a handcrafted sequence of six distinct types of content: Slides, Quizzes, Mini-Games, Sensor based tasks, Augmented Reality tasks and 3D model based Non-AR tasks. By mixing these different content types, a wide variety of “playlists” can be created that fit into different lesson plans. Playlists are useful because they allow instructors to flexibly blend instructional and assessment content. Please take our playlist as just an example. Tell us your ideas for different playlists that fit your lesson plans and let us add them to the app.
  • Free play: Once students have completed the playlist at their teachers’ suggestion, they are free to explore in the Free Play section of the app. They can play the Lifestyles mini-game, use the biosensors as many times as they like, or use the AR and non-AR visualizations to learn about anatomy and physiology. Please send us your feedback at

Below are some sample activities included within Lifegames and accessible both within Free Play and Playlists

Biosensor Activity

Biosensor Activity

Sensor-based activities are not widely implemented in education due to expensive equipment and time consuming setup and use. Lifegames’ biosensors leverage the rising prominence and power of smartphones to personalize student learning and visualize biological signals in an accessible and affordable manner. Lifegames features a smartphone-based photoplethysmograph (PPG) biosensor used to measure heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and respiration rate (RR).
AR models

Augmented Reality Activity

There is a growing excitement to bring augmented reality (AR) into the classroom in an educative and engaging way. Lifegames features a set of AR activities that allow students to see 3D biological models in their real environment through their phone. Students can place down models in their space with just a tap or they can use face tracking to visualize the anatomy of their face. A non-AR 3D model viewer is available for phones that are not capable of running AR so students with older phones can still participate in activities. A sample repository of 3D models are available for viewing in Playlist and Free Play mode. More models can be added on request.
Lifestyle mini games

Lifestyles mini game

Visualizing the activities that change the state of the human body is valuable for students to gain greater understanding of the body’s functions. Lifestyles is a set of “sims-like” mini games that engage students and encourage them to understand how the actions they take affect their body. Each mini game challenges students to satisfy conditions (such as achieving high heart rate) by participating in a variety of activities (such as running on a treadmill). Custom scenarios can be authored to fit different lesson plans.


  • Teach cardiovascular system and anatomy concepts
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Free Play mode for unguided exploration
  • Playlists for structured learning activities


  • Playlist that combines lesson slides with AR activities, 3D model viewing, and quizzes
  • Our team can customize playlists for teachers to include specific lesson plans
  • Biosensors for calculating heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiration rate
  • Augmented reality to show anatomy and physiology 3D models in the real world
  • Non-AR mode for viewing 3D anatomy models on older phones
  • Free Play mode for flexibility and exploration

If you would like early access to the Lifegames software, please join our beta program. | 714.651.4104