Smart Apps for Any Device

Mobility that brings greater efficiency and effectiveness for any task or group.

More and more work is getting done using apps that run in browsers, smartphones, tablets and even smart watches. In future, apps will also run on wearable computers such as smart glasses and heart rate monitors. We believe that smart apps can help improve quality of life at home as well as school and office and that belief has motivated us to develop a range of apps, some of which have led entirely new categories of apps in education, care, research and finance industries. Here are some of our sample projects.

Conversational interfaces

Natural user interfaces promise to expand access to computing and make it far more pervasive. Perhaps the most natural of all interfaces is conversation. SimInsights has been researching many approaches for leveraging conversation in games, simulations, apps and analytics. Here is a video showing an experience of a conversational quiz. We are also working on conversational interactions in VR, AR and simulations.

Social networking

Every business can benefit from deeper customer engagement. We have helped schools engage with parents and other local businesses with our KinderTouch mobile platform. KinderTouch combines popular social networking features with electronic payments and collaborative workflow management to boost productivity and cash flow.

Financial decisions

Making financial decisions can be hard because of the number of variables and concepts involved. SimInsights collaborated with behavioural economists at Rand to develop an award winning app called Smart Insurance. The award winning Smart Insurance app provided personalized recommendations for insurance purchases and received a mention in Forbes.

Mobile learning

More and more classrooms are using iPads and mobile devices. SimInsights has developed SimPhysics, a collection of over 50 mobile games that engage and educate at the same time, so kids can learn anywhere. We are continuously adding new features to contextualize and personalize the learning based on location, weather and other factors.

Our unique approach to app development