HyperSkill Integrations

HyperSkill integrations help you complete your XR and AI projects lightning fast by enabling you to work with a variety of XR hardware, 3D software and file formats, AI/ML technologies for vision and voice, LMS and LRS software, cloud providers and authentication providers. You can reuse your existing media assets, finish your XR content project, deploy it to your target audience and keep your user data connected with your LMS/LRS so you can stay on track with your projects and keep driving business outcomes and delivering workforce agility.

AR VR Devices - Head Mounted Displays (HMD)

SimInsights is a member of Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program, Magic Leap Enterprise Alliance program, and the Oculus ISV program. We support these devices, HTC Vive and many other AR/VR devices.


3D Graphics and CAD Models

SimInsights is a SolidWorks Solution Partner. Please visit our partner page.
Note that the HyperMock product has been rebranded as HyperSkill.

SimInsights is a member of the Nvidia Inception program for AI startups. SimInsights team members presented our work on XR digital twins at the recent GTC in March 2021.
HyperSkill supports FVX, GLB, OBJ and STEP file formats. HyperSkill supports digital human models exported from iClone. HyperSkill supports asset bundles created using Unity.



SimInsights uses one or more AI/ML services provided by AWS, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Record Store (LRS)

SimInsights is a member of the OpenEdX partner program. 
HyperSkill simulations can be exported as SCORM packages that can be uploaded into any supporting Learning Management System (LMS) such as Cornerstone On Demand, Moodle, etc. HyperSkill also supports xAPI and LTI.



HyperSkill uses one or more cloud services provided by AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.



HyperSkill supports authentication using Auth0 and Google. 


Web and Mobile

HyperSkill is certified on two most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari and is supported on older versions of these web browsers. 
HyperSkill will be available on iPad soon.

Mobile Device Management

Distribute content and manage your AR & VR devices at scale.