Augmented & Virtual Reality Simulations

Supporting decision making, training, assessment and design

Opportunities for simulation abound as computing becomes faster and cheaper by the day. Simulations are used today to answer some of the hardest questions in any field. We are seeing simulation reshaping the way organizations train and assess, design new products, deliver service and make critical decisions. Virtual reality technologies such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive offer unprecedented immersion which calls for higher fidelity simulations. Augmented Reality technologies such as Microsoft Hololens and Epson Moverio are expanding the time and place for computing use and thereby creating new opportunities for simulations to support human decision making and amplify human performance. SimInsights has been helping customers in education, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, defense and finance take advantage of simulation technologies since 2009. Our projects have included a vast array of simulation techniques including discrete event simulations, multidisciplinary simulations including mechanical, aerodynamic, electrical, manufacturing and financial systems, finite element analysis, multibody dynamics and computational fluid dynamics. We specialize in interactive simulations and games involving multiple players in 2D or 3D environments for purposes of training or assessment. Here are some sample projects.

VR for clinician input into medical facilities design

There is growing awareness that clinician input at blue-print stage of medical facility design is valuable from human factors standpoint. Traditionally, this required investment into building physical mockups for simulations and extensive time from human experts to code the participants’ behaviors. SimInsights is using VR to create digital facility mockups and using machine learning based behavioral analytics to save experts’ time.

Designing better products using simulation

Collaborative simulation driven design can help every company become more productive and profitable. However, traditionally simulation has been expensive and complex. We are changing that by leveraging 3D simulation and collaboration in the browser.

Design products using simulation
Medical Simulation

Simulations for Medical education

Telemedicine is revolutionizing medical education. Medical simulations and games promise to accelerate the training that doctors of tomorrow need to keep up with fast changing technologies. Our project portfolio includes a surgical suturing simulation research for medical training, ultrasound simulation training, a game for epidemic modeling as well as emergency room operations.

Simulations for K-12 education

Games and sims are engaging everyone from infants learning to speak to retirees keeping their brains sharp. SimInsights award winning team has experience in leveraging research based methods to develop games that deliver results. We are often invited to collaborate with leading researchers to develop innovative games for learning and assessment.

Simulations for K-12
Industrial Training Simulations

Industrial training

Every sector of industry is experiencing technology driven change. E-learning can be a key enabler for productivity gains provided the proper instructional design and assessment methods are applied. SimInsights uses 3D modeling and simulation tools to optimize the overall return on investment on e-learning projects.

Our unique approach to simulation development

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