SimInsights to present at the 2022 Learning Solutions Conference

SimInsights will be presenting at the 2022 Learning Solutions Conference. The presentation will be targeting the following questions/problems and also the solutions that we propose to overcome them.

How can AI help instructional designers create better training simulations?


The potential of extended reality (XR) to transform learning is blocked from being realized by several factors, including the time and cost required for content creation. As opposed to game engines, content authoring tools enable instructional designers to rapidly create immersive and interactive training simulations. However, most authoring tools do not leverage recent advances in AI/ML to support the creation of “intelligent” experiences that simulate expert-instructor led training. Examples include speaking with a patient, customer or instructor, being guided on the shop floor in context, etc. It has been very challenging to do this successfully but is now becoming possible. This talk will describe the state of the art and outline the AI technologies of conversational AI and Vision that are crucial for simulating human interactions. 


We will share the process by which already available methods from the field of AI/ML can be leveraged to enhance content authoring software to create AI-powered, next-generation training. You will learn 

  • How authoring tools can be extended to also reduce the threshold of AI/ML skills required and thereby significantly raise the “intelligence” embedded in training simulations 
  • How to enable instructional designers to include “multimodal experts (voice and vision)” within their simulation, and thereby reduce the need for having expert workers train novices
  • How to enable instructional designers to author dialogue scripts for soft skills training
  • How to enable authors to specify the content and interaction at a very high level, while leaving the detailed work to the software modules. 

We will include exemplary simulations recently made available by industry and academia in healthcare, manufacturing and higher education domains to present a general and balanced overview. We will conclude by projecting the possibilities for next-gen training over the next few years.

About  Learning Solutions Conference

2022 Learning Solutions Conference will take place at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL from Wednesday, April 20th through Friday, April 22nd. Learning Solutions Conference & Expo is where learning professionals from around the globe have gathered year after year to share and explore what works in L&D. The event consists of the full Conference and the free-to-attend Expo. The Conference houses 120+ practical sessions, invigorating keynotes, many opportunities for attendees to connect, and much more. The sessions are categorized under key L&D tracks including Instructional Design, Management & Strategy, Emerging Tech, Tools, Learning Platforms, and more. These tracks serve as a session guide for every member of a team, from instructional designers to high-level executives.

About SimInsights

SimInsights’ mission is to democratize the creation of 3D, interactive, immersive and intelligent (I^3) simulations. We believe that simulations are the most impactful way to learn, yet few people can actually leverage them as a creative medium. SimInsights is striving to enable everyone to capture their knowledge in the form of 3D immersive, AI-powered simulations and share it with others.