SimInsights participates in the 8th international XR- Metaverse Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

Irvine, California, July 5 2023: SimInsights attended the 8th International XR – Metaverse Conference held in Las Vegas, USA, from June 28 to 30, 2023. During the conference, SimInsights presented a research paper, joined a panel and exhibited our products HyperSkill and Skillful. The research paper was titled Conversational AI-Powered Training and Assessment of Communication Skills in Automotive, Healthcare, and Robotics Industries and was presented by SimInsights representative Chris Johnson. The paper included results from a number of successful projects with customers. You can access the paper here.

Johnson participated in a panel discussion on XR, the Metaverse and Future of Health , along with Ryan Mathew(Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) and Todd Chang (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles). The panel was held on the second day of the conference and was moderated by Prof. Timothy Jung. During a discussion on healthcare and XR, one topic focused on SimInsight’s successful collaboration with UCLA in creating the Chaperone program. The Chaperone program, developed through XR technology, has proven to be effective in training medical professionals at UCLA with the necessary procedures to protect themselves, and their patients in more sensitive procedures. Todd Chang emphasized the importance of finding the right person to develop an XR program, emphasizing the need for expertise and understanding of both healthcare and XR technology. Ryan Mathews emphasized the significance of a well-structured development process to ensure the quality and effectiveness of XR applications in the healthcare space.

This marked SimInsights’ third participation in the conference, the previous two being held in the UK and Portugal. The conference included equal participation from academia and industry and covered a range of topics including the impact of XR technologies on the evolution of the metaverse, the role of AI and machine learning in creating immersive experiences, the potential of blockchain technology in the metaverse and the application of XR technologies in metaverse-based education and training. Additionally, ethical and social considerations related to the metaverse and immersive technology were also examined.

SimInsights team also exhibited HyperSkill and Skillful to conference attendees.

Pictures from the event are available here.

The conference talks and discussions provided valuable insights into the future of immersive technology and its potential to transform industries such as entertainment, education, and healthcare. By exploring the intersection of XR and the metaverse, attendees gained exposure to the latest advancements in immersive technology and had the opportunity to engage in discussions with experts in the field.

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