HyperSkill Powered Revolutionary Mixed Reality Automotive Dealership Wins Platinum Award from AVA Digital Awards

Irvine, California, August 31, 2023: In a groundbreaking partnership, SimInsights customer CraneMorley has won the Platinum Award from AVA Digital Awards for an immersive, multiplayer, conversational AI-powered Mixed Reality simulation of an automotive dealership for a top automaker. CraneMorley used the HyperSkill no-code platform to build the simulation.

AVA Digital Awards

The Mixed Reality Automotive Dealership represents a unique concept, allowing participants to seamlessly transition between different departments like Showroom, Conference Room etc., without leaving the room physically. Inside these virtual departments, team members can collaborate on different tasks, that include engaging with Avatar customers, conducting vehicle repairs, and collaboratively solving group challenges.

Virtual Automotive Dealership

This visionary project was brought to life by incorporating several cutting-edge solutions:

  • By leveraging the power of Hololens 2, multiple participants were able to interact and become fully immersed in the virtual environment simultaneously.
  • The Avatar characters communicate with participants using speech recognition, and sharing their stories while answering all questions.
  • The virtual vehicle is designed with lifelike realism, featuring movable doors, inspectable tires, and components that can be removed or installed, providing a realistic training experience.
  • Service equipment within the virtual service department can be reconfigured instantly, adapting to various diagnostic, inspection, or repair scenarios.
  • Overlay of three distinct virtual worlds onto a single physical space, offering a fresh perspective for team members from different departments to analyze the business.
  • Interactive game boards were integrated into the simulation,to encourage team building and answering relevant questions.

The collaboration of SimInsights and CraneMorley introduces a pioneering training platform for refining customer handling and vehicle repair skills while promoting effective teamwork in addressing industry challenges. This digital dealership platform not only pioneers innovative training but also promotes collaboration in addressing challenges faced by the automotive sector. SimInsights remains at the forefront of immersive simulations, driving progress and innovation across industries.