SimInsights Invited to Give a Talk at the ALTTAI Seminar

Irvine, California, Sep 6, 2023: SimInsights has been invited to give a talk by the Advanced Learning, Theories, Technologies, Applications, and Impacts (ALTTAI) Consortium at University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee. ALTTAI is a highly reputed and prolific multidisciplinary research group spanning educational research on theoretical, generic, and applied areas of education, psychology, computer science/engineering, cognitive science and other fields. Their weekly seminar has been a collaborative platform for relevant faculty members, graduate students, and industry partners.

SimInsights at ALTTAI

SimInsights representative, Chris Johnson, will give a talk titled “Empowering Education Through Simulation”. He will cover creating immersive intelligent simulations using a no-code tool, cross platform publishing  and gathering data for learning engineering. The talk will highlight the immersive, interactive and intelligent simulations that can be rapidly developed and delivered using the HyperSkill no-code platform. These simulations are cross platform and are instrumented with telemetry to gather rich datasets to support learning engineering. In addition, Mr. Johnson will also introduce Skillful, a simulation marketplace designed for unlimited career exploration at K-14 levels to solve the skills gap problem.