SimInsights Gave a Talk at the ALTTAI Seminar

Irvine, California, Sep 8, 2023: SimInsights was invited to speak at the Advanced Learning, Theories, Technologies, Applications, and Impacts (ALTTAI) Consortium at the University of Memphis. ALTTAI is a renowned multidisciplinary research group that encompasses education, psychology, computer science, engineering, cognitive science, and other fields. Their weekly seminar series serves as a collaborative platform for faculty, graduate students, and industry partners.

SimInsights at ALTTAI

SimInsights’ representative, Chris Johnson, took the stage with a talk titled “Empowering Education Through Simulation.” The discussion focused on the creation of immersive intelligent simulations, made possible through a no-code tool, cross-platform publishing, and data gathering for learning engineering. 

The seminar shed light on SimInsights’ pioneering HyperSkill no-code platform, enabling the rapid development and delivery of intelligent simulations that work seamlessly across different platforms. These simulations are instrumented with telemetry to collect valuable datasets, supporting the field of learning engineering. 

Furthermore, Mr. Johnson introduced Skillful, a simulation marketplace designed to address the skills gap problem, particularly at K-14 educational levels. This innovative platform offers unlimited career exploration opportunities and solutions. 

SimInsights’ presence at the ALTTAI Seminar underscores the company’s commitment to advancing education through cutting-edge simulation technology, fostering equity, and enriching learning experiences. The talk highlighted the power of immersive, interactive, and intelligent simulations in the education sector. 

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