SimInsights Applies VR and AI to Automotive Technician Training

San Juan Capistrano, California, Oct 12, 2023: SimInsights visited the APAC ATI, a non-profit organization that provides automotive technical training combined with personal growth and transformation skills to people who are ready to make a positive change in their lives and are willing to do the work to meet the demands of life. SimInsights representative demonstrated Skillful, a VR app for unlimited career exploration. Specifically, the emphasis was on automotive technician training simulations such as the tire-change module.

Change Tire

The team at APAC ATI is commited to empowering individuals by providing invaluable training and guidance. Their primary focus is on equipping those in need with the skills necessary to thrive in the job market. Chris got the opportunity to meet the team in-person at their facility and showcase the potential of Skillful and discuss collaboration opportunities. APAC team members were impressed by the immersive, high-fidelity, AI-powered experience.

Automotive Technician Training
Automotive Technician Training
Automotive Technician Training

Skillful, developed using HyperSkill, stood out in five key aspects at the visit:

  • Openness: Unlike other vendors, HyperSkill and Skillful are open which allows customers to incorporate simulations from multiple sources. It fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry which are vital for benefitting the entire ecosystem
  • Innovation: HyperSkill sets itself apart by supporting no-code creation, cross-platform delivery, and AI-powered learning and assessment. These innovative features offer unparalleled flexibility and advanced learning experiences.
  • Agility: HyperSkill’s accelerated simulation creation process, offers 100 times faster than traditional coding using game engines, impressed attendees. This means new content can be developed within days or weeks, revolutionizing the speed at which training materials can be produced.
  • Cost: We strive to keep our prices 10 times lower compared to other vendors because low price is essential for advancing equity and access in training. 
  • Shared ownership: Unlike other vendors, HyperSkill enables customers to own the intellectual property (IP).

APAC ATI is looking to collaborate with SimInsights to help veterans transitioning to the workforce and provide the means to upskill.