SimInsights Representatives Tour Semiconductor Fab at UC Irvine

Irvine, California, Oct 22, 2023: SimInsights representatives CEO Rajesh Jha and Chris Johnson recently were invited to take a tour of the Semiconductor Fabrication Lab (Integrated Nanosystems Research facility) at UC Irvine. In addition to an extensive tour of the facility and its capabilities they also engaged with the students and faculty.

The Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility at The University of California, Irvine (INRF UCI) in the Henry Samueli School of Engineering is dedicated to developing and promoting micro and nano technology through research, education and outreach. The INRF advances multidisciplinary research through fostering communication between traditionally distant fields such as bioscience and engineering and by enlisting researchers from diverse backgrounds.

Semiconductor Fab Irvine
Semiconductor Fab Visit 2

The SimInsights team made a presentation to introduce HyperSkill and Skillful emphasizing the advantages of the platform, especially in terms of its potential to enhance equity and access. This visit also highlighted the need for educational institutions to focus on training programs that cater to the semiconductor workforce development and provided hands-on demonstrations on Oculus Quest 3, the newly introduced device from Meta.

Semiconductor Fab Visit 3
Semiconductor Fab Visit 4
Semiconductor Fab Visit 5

SimInsights team invests in such visits to educate and inform the community about AR/VR/AI technologies and the potential for workforce training. Immersive technology can be hard to appreciate without direct experience and visits like this are essential for rapid adoption and deployment.

Both HyperSkill and Skillful, stood out in five key aspects at the visit:

  • Openness: Unlike other vendors, HyperSkill and Skillful are open which allows customers to incorporate simulations from multiple sources. It fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing within the industry which are vital for benefitting the entire ecosystem
  • Innovation: HyperSkill sets itself apart by supporting no-code creation, cross-platform delivery, and AI-powered learning and assessment. These innovative features offer unparalleled flexibility and advanced learning experiences.
  • Agility: HyperSkill’s accelerated simulation creation process, offers 100 times faster than traditional coding using game engines, impressed attendees. This means new content can be developed within days or weeks, revolutionizing the speed at which training materials can be produced.
  • Cost: We strive to keep our prices 10 times lower compared to other vendors because low price is essential for advancing equity and access in training.
  • Shared ownership: Unlike other vendors, HyperSkill enables customers to own the intellectual property (IP).