SimInsights attends career fair hosted by Capistrano Unified School District and College and Career Advantage (CCA)

Irvine, California, March 18 2024: SimInsights attended the career fair at San Juan Hills High School, hosted by Capistrano Unified School District and College and Career Advantage (CCA) at 29211 Stallion Ridge, San Juan Capistrano. SimInsights representatives Chris Johnson and Raj Jha introduced students to virtual and augmented reality and AI technologies and career opportunities via our HyperSkill and Skillful products. The team brought Oculus Quest devices and gave live demonstrations in the context of fire science, forensics, manufacturing, healthcare and education projects to students, parents, faculty and administrators. SimInsights also shared summer internship opportunities with students. These opportunities are designed to provide early exposure to students who are interested in virtual, mixed, augmented and eXtended reality, immersive media, game design and software industries.

SimInsights team invests effort in such events to educate and inform the Southern California community about AR/VR technologies and the capabilities of the company. Immersive technology can be hard to appreciate without direct experience and events like this are essential for rapid adoption and deployment. If you would like to suggest similar events to our team, please get in touch. We are open to events in California and nationwide.

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About HyperSkill

HyperSkill is a no-code 3D eXtended Reality (XR) platform for creation, delivery and analytics of XR content. HyperSkill was created to enable non-technical users to create immersive learning content. HyperSkill includes thousands of 3D assets and simulations that are accessible for free. HyperSkill has been developed with R&D funding from the National Science Foundation. To learn more, please visit our HyperSkill page.

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Skillful is a collection of 3D immersive simulations for unlimited career exploration, training and certification. Skillful is powered by the HyperSkill platform. To learn more, please visit our Skillful page.