HyperSkill Academy Suite: Build Your Own Interactive, Intelligent Metaversity Digital Twin

Irvine, California, March 19 2024: SimInsights, the leader in eXtended Reality and AI-powered learning technology, has launched the HyperSkill Academy Suite. This innovative platform empowers you to create a fully immersive, interactive, and intelligent digital replica of your campus – a “metaversity” – at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors.

HyperSkill Academy Suite goes beyond static 3D models. It offers realistic interaction and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, fostering a truly engaging learning environment. Imagine students virtually walking through a replica of your campus, collaborating in labs, attending lectures in lifelike auditoriums, or interacting with AI-powered virtual tutors – from anywhere in the world.

The suite includes two key offerings: The HyperSkill Enterprise License which provides no-code tools for creation, delivery and analytics and services for building your custom metaversity.

HyperSkill Academy offers five key advantages:

  • Innovation: Built on the industry-leading HyperSkill platform, it features functionalities like Generative AI, multiplayer mode, voice chat, and more.
  • Agility: SimInsights delivers your metaversity faster than any other vendor.
  • Customization: SimInsights team will tailor the metaversity and content to your specific needs.
  • Ownership: You retain full intellectual property rights over your metaversity assets.
  • Affordability: HyperSkill Academy costs one third the price charged by other vendors while offering superior capabilities.

Ready to transform your institution’s learning experience? Visit SimInsights for more information and to browse pricing options. Book a call with the SimInsights sales team to discuss building your customized metaversity.