SimInsights Announces the Release of 80 New Simulations in Skillful

Irvine, California, April 2, 2024: SimInsights, a leading provider of immersive, AI-powered software and services, is announcing the release of 80 new simulations in Skillful, taking the total count to over 130 simulations. Skillful is an immersive AI-powered platform for career exploration at middle and high school levels. 

Skillful, powered by HyperSkill, has steadily expanded its portfolio of simulations, offering diverse immersive experiences that span a range of industries and enabling students to step into the shoes of professionals and gain exposure to many more career pathways than would be possible in real life. Each month, 30-50 new simulations are being released with the goal of exceeding 500 simulations by the end of the year. We welcome suggestions for new simulations for CTE teachers, ROP administrators and students. For example, recently, we received requests for police training and forensics and our team released simulations within a matter of weeks. 

If you would like to request new simulations, please contact us.

About HyperSkill

HyperSkill is a no-code 3D simulation platform for both Virtual and Augmented Reality. HyperSkill was created to enable instructional designers to create immersive training content without having to learn programming. HyperSkill includes thousands of 3D assets and simulations that are accessible for free to users. HyperSkill enables non-programmers to author VR/AR content, publish it to various devices and audiences and collect and visualize experience data. HyperSkill has been developed with R&D funding from the National Science Foundation. To learn more, please visit

About Skillful

Skillful is a collection of 3D immersive simulations for Virtual and Mixed Reality devices and web/desktop. Skillful was created using the HyperSkill platform. To learn more, please visit