SimInsights Announces Availability of Skillful for the Homeschooling Audience

Irvine, California, April 24 2024: SimInsights is excited to announce availability of Skillful for the homeschooling market. Previously, a Skillful license was only available to educational organizations. SimInsights created Skillful Homeschooling to offer this product to the homeschool community. Skillful Homeschooling includes all the same simulations available to Skillful customers. 

Skillful has already received approval from the Arizona Department of Education for the ESA program and is under review by several other states.

Today, youth often struggle to gain access to quality training, apprenticeships and internships that can help them explore and navigate career pathways. Schools also struggle to find qualified teachers, well-equipped labs and training facilities to provide rich career exploration opportunities to students. Skillful provides an AI-powered immersive solution to the problem of career exploration. Skillful is the result of a collaborative endeavor between SimInsights, an Irvine based edtech company, and College and Career Advantage at Capistrano Unified School District in California. Skillful currently contains over 140 simulation modules, and over 30 new virtual and mixed reality modules are being added each month.

Skillful is powered by the HyperSkill, an immersive learning platform supported by the National Science Foundation.

About HyperSkill

HyperSkill is a no-code 3D simulation platform for both Virtual and Augmented Reality. HyperSkill was created to enable instructional designers to create immersive training content without having to learn programming. HyperSkill includes thousands of 3D assets and simulations that are accessible for free to users. HyperSkill enables non-programmers to author VR/AR content, publish it to various devices and audiences and collect and visualize experience data. HyperSkill has been developed with R&D funding from the National Science Foundation. To learn more, please visit

About Skillful

Skillful is a collection of 3D immersive simulations for Virtual and Mixed Reality devices and web/desktop. Skillful was created using the HyperSkill platform. To learn more, please visit