Sify’s Immersive Technologies Capabilities

Creating the metaverse for job skills in pharmaceutical, medical device and manufacturing industries.

Sify is a leading provider of comprehensive ICT and Extended Realty services and solutions, with a strong focus on meeting the evolving requirements of the Digital economy. Their solutions portfolio is anchored on Cloud technology and tailored to the needs of large, mid, and small-sized organizations.

Through their innovative and technology-driven approach, Sify helps individuals and organizations enhance their capabilities by leveraging interactive and immersive digital experiences. Their solutions seamlessly connect people, the digital world, and physical spaces to facilitate learning, foster business growth, and drive behavioral change. These solutions can be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or delivered without it.

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Overview of Simulation created with Sify’s Immersive Technologies Capabilities

WebGL and VR-based Safety Awareness Trainings in Manufacturing

Use a Fire Prevention Plan to locate critical fire safety equipment on the production floor. Identify different fire hazards and carefully remove them from the assigned work cell. Identify the correct fire extinguisher for a type of fire and use it to extinguish the fire.

WebGL and VR-based Trainings on LEAN Principles (5S) in Manufacturing

Identify and implement the 5S stage, Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Opportunity for students to learn by practice/mistakes without fear of failures. Assess and track students for the 5S Lean skills in a manufacturing set up.

VR for Engineering Education – Milling/Lathe

Engineering students' hands-on practice in Milling, Drilling, Lathe, 3D Printing in VR before actual physical Lab. Opportunity for students to learn by practice/mistakes without the wasting lab materials. Assess and track students for the Milling/Drilling/Lathe skills to manufacture simple objects (e.g., Hammer) in VR.

AR (iPad-Based) to Train Workforce for Skilling – Manufacturing Procedure

Reduce Training Time in Mfg. Operators but simultaneous Accelerate Skill Development. Interactive/Immersive 3D Visualizations of manufacturing process through iPad-based augmentation. Significant improvement ‘time to competence’ and confidence of trainees in a safe environment.