Creating a metaverse for Automotive skills

LearnEV is an online platform dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs) that provides educational resources and courses covering EV technology, charging infrastructure, driving techniques, and other related topics to help users gain knowledge about the EV industry. HyperSkill(Skillful) is enabling LearnEV to create the metaverse for assessing and credentialing job skills in the field of electric vehicles. It enables users to develop and showcase their expertise as robotic technicians in the EV industry.

Overview of Simulations created with LearnEV

Electric Vehicle - Service Advisor training simulation

This virtual reality learning experience is intended to improve the conversation skills of an automotive Service Advisor when they first meet a Customer at their vehicle.

Electric Vehicle - Safety training simulation

This simulation is designed to provide you with the necessary experience to become an electrically aware person, as you interact with electrified vehicles of all types in the workplace. Battery Electric Vehicles (or BEVs), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (or HEVs), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (or PHEVs) are all considered Electrified Propulsion Vehicles.