South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership(SCMEP)

Creating a metaverse for Manufacturing

SimInsights team traveled to the client facility in South Carolina and helped the client select computer hardware, order it from Lenovo, as well as set it up in a dedicated VR training room. The team also helped install all VR software and hardware and complete the set up for training purposes. After the set up, the client was able to incorporate the VR training module as part of their regular training program. SimInsights team assisted with technical support as needed, to help the program run smoothly. Two visits by SimInsights team helped train client representatives in demonstration of the system to key stakeholders from the plant as well as other neighboring offices to get initial feedback. These meetings generated strong enthusiasm and support for implementation. The solution developed by SimInsights was very robust, easy to manage and required negligible support after deployment. Subsequently, the client was able to regularly use and maintain the system, reaching out to SimInsights in case of any issues, which were infrequent and easily resolved.

Overview of Simulations created with SCMEP

VR Simulation based Employee Onboarding Training Program

The objective of this VR simulation is to train new workers on the production processes. Users are instructed on how to go through the entire string up process for the 5S+ machine. This is a long process in a noisy environment where waste is constantly being generated. By virtualizing this process Shaw was able to instruct potential new hires in a risk free environment with no waste generation while learning and give a clear step by step process that users could repeat at their own pace. They were then assessed based on their efforts and given a score which they could compare against their fellow users. All user actions were recorded and potential waste generation was sent for review by administrators of the program.