SimInsights invited to present HyperSkill at Jio Institute in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Irvine, CA, October 29 2022 – SimInsights was invited to present the HyperSkill platform at the Jio Institute in Navi Mumbai, India. Nitin Solanki and Velumani Pillai traveled to Navi Mumbai and made a presentation on HyperSkill platform capabilities, along with customer success stories. With growing awareness of metaverse, there is strong interest in exploring pedagogical interventions that accelerate conceptual understanding, motivation and engagement as well as long term retention in a variety of disciplines including AI, machine learning and data science. As a leading no-code platform for “Metaverse for Skills”, HyperSkill is the ideal platform for conducting cutting edge learning science research in AI/ML education. The Metaverse for skills is a collection of VR/AR simulation based assessments and training modules targeting a broad range of skills. Such a collection will add societal value by expanding access promoting equity which are fundamental for equipping the workforce with in-demand skills today and in the future.

Jio Institute
JIo Institute