SimInsights launches Ultimate Career Exploration Guide – Skillful

Irvine, California, July 28 2023: SimInsights is  thrilled to introduce you to Skillful, a revolutionary platform dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to acquiring invaluable skills. Our passionate team at Skillful envisions a world where immersive training becomes readily available and affordable for all. At the core of Skillful lies our innovative approach, harnessed through the cutting-edge HyperSkill tool. This technology is the driving force behind our mission to transform the way we learn.

What sets Skillful apart is its ever-expanding collection of simulations, designed to cover a diverse spectrum of skills. From the intricacies of Aviation to the precision of X-ray techniques,  Skillful provides a dynamic range of simulations that cater to a vast range of categories listed under CTE (Career and Technical Education). Ranging from Healthcare to Aviation to Manufacturing, Skillful has released multiple CTE simulations in batches.

The first batch  consisted of ARM simplified focused on a palletizing robot. It contained simulations on fire safety to teach students about fire science. It also included simulations from healthcare like pill counting and checking the blood pressure.

The Second batch  presented an entirely new category of simulations from manufacturing and engineering. This batch consisted of miter saw simulation, bolt tightening simulation, inspect power train EV simulation,  and change tire simulation.

The third batch catered to new CTE categories of aviation and culinary. The aviation simulation dealt with how to start a plane and the culinary simulations taught the learners about how to bake a cake and make a pizza. The culinary simulation also trained the learners on how to receive orders and handle customers in its cashier and menu training. Apart from these new categories, it had more developed simulations on healthcare with patient diagnostics and manufacturing, where the user was required to learn about diagnosing a fault and clearing the fault in a palletizing robot. The 5S simulation from engineering taught the learners about a clean, safe and organized workspace.

The fourth batch had simulations like dental x-ray, left arm x-ray, multimeter simulation, welding simulation and forklift training simulation, where learners uncovered a variety of simulations under healthcare and manufacturing. The dental x-ray and the left arm x-ray taught the learners about mandatory patient conversations and helped them experience an x-ray scenario, whereas the welding and forklift training gave them a glimpse of the manufacturing world.

The batch 5 simulations delved deeper into more complex and varied healthcare simulations. This list consisted of the following simulations: take temperature, take pulse, gurney procedure, hand me a scalpel, chest x-ray, CPR with AED, and reflex knee test. This batch was successful in delivering a key message that complex and diverse healthcare simulations can be easily authored in our no-code authoring platform HyperSkill.

The next bath targets new CTE categories of agriculture and forensics. It has an absolutely new culinary simulation focused on hospitality. The forensics simulations take the learners on a field investigation and a lab examination where they discover evidence, examine them and try to solve a crime. The agriculture simulation is more focused on how the users can start a small garden in their own greenhouses and how they can maintain their sapling to take them to fruition.

Join us in shaping a future where learning knows no bounds. With Skillful, the journey towards mastering essential skills is just a simulation away.